Increasing post-holiday sales


The last week of December, right after Christmas and before New Year’s, has notoriously been a slow retail season plagued with a holiday hangover.

Presents are unwrapped. Cookies have been eaten. Fruitcake is settling. Some may suspect that the main shopping season is over. That’s not necessarily true.

Don’t give in to the post-holiday sales slump. Here are seven must-do tips to keep the holiday sales going through to the next year. 

Increase importance in remarketing

Now is the time to put those remarketing lists to work. See who’s been visiting your website and offer them an incentive to make a purchase. Some options to lure consumers back to your website include offering a discount, free shipping and flash sales.

Offer coupons, loyalty rewards

Rewarding loyal customers with special sales and offers after the holidays is one of the most straightforward ways to improve your post-Christmas sales.

This can easily be done by sending your holiday shoppers a thank you email or text with a coupon code for a percentage off their next purchase. You can also extend your reach by sending them an additional code they can share with family or friends.

Keep you marketing going through the holiday

Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean your marketing and advertising should stop. Instead, keep up your holiday promotions, sales and advertising going throughout the rest of the year.

Focus on self-gifting

For some, Aunt Kathy’s fruit cake has left them still unsated and wanting for some more merriment in their stocking.

Now is the time to focus on your audience that’s either received gift cards or was left still wanting after opening all their presents. Finally, after weeks or months of giving to others, it’s time for them to gift for themselves.

Target abandoned shopping carts

Budgets around the holidays can get tight which can lead to an increase in abandoned shopping carts. On average, websites have a 68% abandonment rate with numbers bouncing up to 75% during the holiday season.

Focus on these users who may not have had the chance to spend on themselves this holiday. Offering them free shipping, discounts or other deals can help convert these sales.

If your abandonment rate is still uncharacteristically high, consider evaluating your checkout process. Over 27% of US online shoppers have abandoned orders in 2016 because the checkout process was too complicated.

Want to learn more about improving your shopping cart rate? Here are 26 tips – from A to Z on improving your shopping cart abandonment rate.

Reward mobile shoppers

Consumers taking vacation between Christmas and New Year’s won’t be shopping at their desks for sales. Instead, target these users on their mobile devices with special sales, offers and coupons just for mobile users.

If your business has a mobile or wearable app, now is the time to start building sales content on this channel.  A whopping 67% of US smartphone owners say they’d prefer to pay via wearable devices so why not let them?

Simplify Commerce merchants have the ability to integrate the payment process into mobile apps and wearables. To learn more about mobile and wearable pay options, visit our developer support section.

Make it social

The holidays are a time for fun, reconnecting with friends, family and being social. In the spirit of the holidays, consider hosting a social contest with your community. Some fun options include pictures of the wackiest gift they received, stories about their favorite holiday memory or plans for the next year.

Encourage your audience to share their content with their family and friends for additional exposure.