The benefit to Masterpass It

MasterpassBusiness owners are constantly trying to get consumers through the buying process quickly. From landing and product pages to cart, checkout and thank you page, the goal is to get their customers to make a purchase with as little effort as possible.

One of the top areas businesses see drop off is during the cart and checkout process. Cart abandonment has continued to increase year-over-year as competition from other brands fight for sales. A quick payment process that shortens the buying process through few or one-click options are proven to improve cart retention and increase purchases.

Easy transactions with Masterpass

Digital wallets such as Masterpass are key to improving customer retention and increases transactions on websites and apps. With Masterpass, consumers can simply click the Masterpass button to complete their sale. This one-click payment button provides the consumer with a faster checkout and the merchant with potentially more sales as customers are quickly whisked through the buying process. Continue reading

Upgrading to WooCommerce 2.6 “Zipping Zebra”

Get the new Simplify Commerce WooCommerce 2.6 plugin now. 

Exciting news for our WooCommerce merchants – WooCommerce just came out with their new version, 2.6 “Zipping Zebra”. The version includes many enhancements for store owners around shipping, API and other items.

One important update for businesses using Woo and Simplify Commerce together, is that they will need to install Simplify Commerce separately from the upgrade. Not upgrading the system and installing the plugin separately will cause issues for your website. You will not be able to accept any payments until you update your system with our separate plugin.

The system should prompt you to install the new version. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to update your plugin:

1. In your store, navigate to the “Plugins” section. On this page it should prompt you to install the new Simplify Commerce plugin.


2. After you click “Install” the plugin will begin downloading into your store.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.24.25 PM

3. Once complete you should see the plugin listed in your store.


If you have issues installing the new plugin or are encountering an error, please contact our Simplify Commerce support team. Make sure to include your Merchant ID and a description of what you’re encountering.

Get the new Simplify Commerce WooCommerce 2.6 plugin now. 


Your top development questions answered

shutterstock_380004967At Simplify Commerce we do our best to create a simple, easy-to-use and integration payment platform. Our team of engineers understand the headache that can go along with adding payments into websites and apps as many of them have integrated other payment platforms into their own projects. This is why our development team has done their best to create a payment technology solution that takes the pain out of implementation and can get you back to the fun part of your project.

Our Simplify Commerce developer support section is full of helpful articles, example code, API documentation and tools to make this as quick of an integration as possible. In many instances, developers have been able to complete the integration, with testing within 30 minutes and are on their way to accepting payments.

Knowing that many of our merchants also choose to use Simplify Commerce through a shopping cart, we’ve also created various plugins that will work with some of the top shopping cart and ecommerce solutions. Continue reading