Perfecting your landing page


Building landing pages for your campaigns have immense benefits to their performance and ROI. Through landing pages, you can direct specific audiences to targeted messages and tightly control the conversion process.

While the concept of a landing page sounds straight forward, the actual execution of a well performing landing page can be a lengthy process of trial and error, adjustments and A/B testing.

To get you started, we’ve assembled our top five landing page must-do’s.  Continue reading

The 10 must do photography tips for your website


“A picture is worth a thousand words” or, if you’re an e-commerce store owner, a good picture might be worth quite a bit more.

Having high quality photos on your e-commerce website is one of the most important elements to having a successful store. As a visually centric society, we focus on imagery first and text afterwards. For many of us it’s a compelling image that draws us in and influences us to make a purchase, read more or share with our friends. Many times, it’s the simple update of switching out a bad photo with a high quality professional photo that can make a difference in your revenue.

So what should you consider when taking your product photos? Here are our top tried and true must do’s for your website photography:  Continue reading

Adding a Facebook Shop section for the holidays

facebookWith the majority of holiday shopping and consumers flocking to Facebook, it makes sense to highlight your best products on your Facebook page.

Now instead of just promoting your retail products in a Facebook post or series of ads, you can also create a Facebook shop page using your existing product pictures and link them to a checkout page using Simplify’s easy hosted product page.

Follow these easy steps to create and link your Facebook Shop page to your website: Continue reading