Woo Hoo! #WooConf

Photo courtesy of WP Engine

Photo courtesy of WP Engine

There are a handful of events we enjoy each year and on the top of the list is WooConf, the annual convention for WooCommerce merchants and developers.

This year’s WooConf in Austin, TX proved not to disappoint with a stellar line up of 47 speakers ranging from SEO experts, developers and gurus in their respective fields on taxes, shipping, security, ecommerce and more.

We were also excited to meet with many of our merchants and development agencies who have been integrating Simplify Commerce into their website and mobile app projects.

So what did we learn from WooConf? A lot. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 fun, exciting, important and seriously smart things we gathered over the past 72 hours: Continue reading

6 Ways to get the most out of WooConf 2016

WooConfAre you like us and counting down the days till WooConf 2016 in Austin, TX? WooConf is one of our top conferences and this year, Simplify Commerce by MasterCard will be a black belt sponsor of the conference, which means we’re bringing some of our most talented engineers, highlighting some of favorite WooCommerce and Simplify businesses and showcases our latest product features.

One of the reasons we love attending and WooCommerce loves hosting WooConf, is because we get the opportunity to meet many of the businesses we support in person and finally put a face to the name.

“A lot of times we only get to interact with our customers through support tickets or when they send in a customer testimonial,” Rahul Deshpande, Vice President and Technology Lead for Simplify Commerce said. “WooConf is a great opportunity to connect with our customers and understand their daily experiences with Simplify Commerce.”

It’s also a great opportunity for face-to-face time.  Continue reading