Increasing post-holiday sales


The last week of December, right after Christmas and before New Year’s, has notoriously been a slow retail season plagued with a holiday hangover.

Presents are unwrapped. Cookies have been eaten. Fruitcake is settling. Some may suspect that the main shopping season is over. That’s not necessarily true.

Don’t give in to the post-holiday sales slump. Here are seven must-do tips to keep the holiday sales going through to the next year.  Continue reading

How to prepare your website for holiday shopping season

shutterstock_132457865Overall holiday spending is forecasted to increase again in 2016 with the average consumer purchasing gifts for seven people.  While many shoppers start heading out to stores on Black Friday, a growing percentage of consumers are turning to online to complete the holiday gift list. eMarketer is predicting ecommerce holiday sales will increase by 17% this season with digital channels like mobile and social reaching record highs.

With this much attention focused on e-commerce sales, it’s important your website shine with holiday spirit. Here are our top five recommendations on how you can dress your website for the holiday shopping season.  Continue reading

Adding a Facebook Shop section for the holidays

facebookWith the majority of holiday shopping and consumers flocking to Facebook, it makes sense to highlight your best products on your Facebook page.

Now instead of just promoting your retail products in a Facebook post or series of ads, you can also create a Facebook shop page using your existing product pictures and link them to a checkout page using Simplify’s easy hosted product page.

Follow these easy steps to create and link your Facebook Shop page to your website: Continue reading