Your online holiday giving guide: non-profits


For many, the holiday season isn’t just about gifting but also giving. Consumers and businesses alike spend the last couple of the months of the year donating time, presents and making financial contributions to their favorite organization.

As consumers rely more on shopping online each holiday season, they are also looking for ways they can support their favorite non-profit online. As a result, more and more non-profits are turning to their website to solicit donations.  Continue reading

Simplify Commerce customer service, product features help non-profits accept dontations

Helping our merchants reach their goals is our number one priority but sometimes our standard out-of-the-box features need some additional enhancements. Recently we paired with Beth Griffin who sits on the board of the Petawa Residence and Cultural Center, a local non-profit organization in Milwaukee about how they were accepting payments at fundraising events.

non-profit accept donations

What we discovered was that several payment acceptance systems were coming up short. After hearing her concerns we were able to create a system that helped them reach all their fundraising goals.  Continue reading