2016: A year in review

shutterstock_334211522There’s only one month left in 2016 and we’re hoping it’s going to be your business’s best month yet! As we’re winding down 2016, let’s look back at some of the most helpful, informative and share worthy pieces of content we’ve assembled.

We hope this round up of our most helpful facts, tools, tips and tactics will help you start off 2017 and your business on the right path. We had a jam packed year and are excited to see you and your business flourish in 2017!

Your favorite subject

2016 has been focused on mobile so it’s no wonder that the most consumed small business subject is about how to ensure your company has a mobile first strategy.  Continue reading

Taking your business online: Meet Freshella Catering

Small business owners, Miguel Frascella and his wife and chef, Robyn Frascella have owned Freshella catering since 1994 and while their in-person and phone ordering system flourished, taking payments online had always been difficult to achieve.

“When we first started to try and sell online, the credit card processing part of it was very difficult. Because we’re a small company, I tried to do all of these things myself. When I realized how difficult it was we had to give up and ended up with people just calling in and placing the orders.” Frascella said. Continue reading