Three tools every service-based business needs

Running a service-based business requires well, a lot of running. You spend more time commuting to your next appointment than you do in front of your work computer. In many ways, your mobile phone and vehicle are really your work station over your desk.

Being in a business that requires a lot of running around and being mobile, means you need the best mobile friendly features that can help your business running smoothly. Let’s face it. Once we’re done with work day appointments, the last thing you want to do is go sit in front of a computer and do more work.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top mobile and tablet friendly options service-based businesses need to keep your business running.  Continue reading

Introducing Simplify Controls – Fraud prevention in the palm of your hands

Linkedin ControlsAt Simplify Commerce, we’ve always been passionate about simplifying your lives and payments. When we recently surveyed 3,000 small and medium businesses around the world we found some exciting and startling numbers. Our survey found that 89% of businesses are now selling their products or services online have seen an average 40% increase in sales. This is great news!

What we were startled to hear was how many of these businesses are doing so without any means of fraud protection. Businesses need to enter the digital realm with care and protect themselves and their customers against fraud. The growth in e-commerce, as well as increased in-store security measures like EMV, brings with it an even greater risk of online fraud.

Our survey found that business owners are already aware that prominent safety concerns come with an increased digital footprint but few are doing anything about it.

  • Nearly nine out of ten (86%) expressed concern about data security for their business.
  • Even more (89%) are concerned about keeping their customers’ information private.
  • Yet more than half of the respondents (60%) said they don’t use fraud prevention tools.
  • And only 33% report a high understanding of data security for their business.

So today, we launched Simplify Controls, a digital fraud-prevention platform for easily, affordably managing and monitoring your transactions.

Simplify Controls will allow you to control, prevent and monitor e-commerce transactions in real time. With the mobile app and desktop dashboard, you can easily and quickly customize your fraud settings – such as transaction size, country of origin and repeat transactions. The platform then auto-declines transactions to meet your risk tolerance and provides you with smart alerts so you can stay on top of potentially fraudulent activity.

We are literally putting powerful fraud prevention into the palm of your hand.

We are currently offering Simplify Controls through acquiring partners. If you want to learn more about Simplify Controls, the study or how to tell your acquiring banks about the new technology, please visit our Simplify Controls webpage or shoot us an email.

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Simplify Commerce now in Ireland

Simple way to accept payments online and via mobile helps small businesses compete


For many, owning a small business is your way of life. You and your family depend on its continued success and growth as a way to put food on the table. However, for the majority of Irish small businesses, that growth and sustainability is hampered. A report by IEDR (the company that manages Ireland’s .ie domain registry) earlier this year shows 91% of Irish small business websites cannot process sales online. For many this means a smaller customer base, revenue and being less capable of competing with other businesses, which can result in the end of their business.

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