2017 New Business Ideas

1For many, 2017 is an opportunity for new beginnings, exciting changes and fresh business adventures. Worldwide, it’s estimated there are 100 million new businesses opening each year.

Are you’re ready to start a new business in 2017 but lacking an idea? Just in time for the new year, here are our top 217 business ideas for your new one-person shop. These ideas can take you from a weekend-only entrepreneur to full fledge, full time job new business owner.    Continue reading

Navigating domain disasters

1You’re starting a new business. You’ve chosen the perfect name. It’s catchy, describes your business and is perfect for marketing purposes. You’re ready to go to the next step and secure your domain and then suddenly things go south.

The catchy website.com domain you were hoping to secure is taken.

It used to be that there were only a few viable options businesses could choose for their top level domains (TLD). A top level domain is the suffix after your dot (.) in your web address. Typically the choices included .com, .org, .net, .biz, .edu and .gov for government entities. There are also country specific domains which can help improve SEO ranking in specific countries.

The .com has traditionally been the most popular TLD comprising about 49% of all websites. So for some, not being able to secure their top domain choice on .com spells disaster. Continue reading

How to choose your business structure

Biz structure
Choosing the proper business structure for your business can be overwhelming along with the added items on your “How to start a business” list. Understanding which business structure plus pros and cons can ultimately save your new startup funds plus save you time and unnecessary headaches.

Before you determine your business structure you need to decide your growth plan for your business. Is this something long term that you hope to bring on partners as it grows? Are you anticipating selling this business in a few years? Some business structures may not align with your vision, growth plan or personal preferences. Other structures might offer too much complexity.

For entrepreneurs just starting out, setting up a sole proprietorship may be the easiest and least barrier to entry. Essentially your business would be considered an extension of yourself. While this provides a fast startup timeline, some drawbacks to this set up include liability for business losses and taxes. If you are worried about liability, perhaps a limited liability company is better suited to your needs?  Continue reading