Your online holiday giving guide: non-profits


For many, the holiday season isn’t just about gifting but also giving. Consumers and businesses alike spend the last couple of the months of the year donating time, presents and making financial contributions to their favorite organization.

As consumers rely more on shopping online each holiday season, they are also looking for ways they can support their favorite non-profit online. As a result, more and more non-profits are turning to their website to solicit donations.  Continue reading

Perfecting your landing page


Building landing pages for your campaigns have immense benefits to their performance and ROI. Through landing pages, you can direct specific audiences to targeted messages and tightly control the conversion process.

While the concept of a landing page sounds straight forward, the actual execution of a well performing landing page can be a lengthy process of trial and error, adjustments and A/B testing.

To get you started, we’ve assembled our top five landing page must-do’s.  Continue reading

Announcing PrestaShop 1.7


PrestaShop has launched their v1.7 with updates throughout their system. From the back office navigation to themes and product pages, PrestaShop has made significant improvements that merchants and developers will be excited to try out.

PrestaShop currently powers more than 250,000 online stores worldwide. Their online software is built to help all aspects of running an e-commerce store. From creating your website, product pages, to managing shipping and improving conversions, PrestaShop enables merchants to develop and start promoting their online store quickly.  Continue reading