Increasing post-holiday sales


The last week of December, right after Christmas and before New Year’s, has notoriously been a slow retail season plagued with a holiday hangover.

Presents are unwrapped. Cookies have been eaten. Fruitcake is settling. Some may suspect that the main shopping season is over. That’s not necessarily true.

Don’t give in to the post-holiday sales slump. Here are seven must-do tips to keep the holiday sales going through to the next year.  Continue reading

2016: A year in review

shutterstock_334211522There’s only one month left in 2016 and we’re hoping it’s going to be your business’s best month yet! As we’re winding down 2016, let’s look back at some of the most helpful, informative and share worthy pieces of content we’ve assembled.

We hope this round up of our most helpful facts, tools, tips and tactics will help you start off 2017 and your business on the right path. We had a jam packed year and are excited to see you and your business flourish in 2017!

Your favorite subject

2016 has been focused on mobile so it’s no wonder that the most consumed small business subject is about how to ensure your company has a mobile first strategy.  Continue reading

Three tools every service-based business needs

Running a service-based business requires well, a lot of running. You spend more time commuting to your next appointment than you do in front of your work computer. In many ways, your mobile phone and vehicle are really your work station over your desk.

Being in a business that requires a lot of running around and being mobile, means you need the best mobile friendly features that can help your business running smoothly. Let’s face it. Once we’re done with work day appointments, the last thing you want to do is go sit in front of a computer and do more work.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top mobile and tablet friendly options service-based businesses need to keep your business running.  Continue reading