PHP Starter Server on Heroku

Deploy starter server using PHP SDK on Heroku

Deploy starter server using Simplify Commerce’s PHP SDK on Heroku

Simplify Commerce provides SDKs for varieties of programming languages and platforms. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to deploy our PHP SDK on Heroku with just a few clicks.

Signup for Heroku (free account) if you don't have an account already.

Navigate to the PHP starter project on Simplify Commerce's Github repository –

Click on “Deploy to Heroku” as shown in the screenshot below. Deploy to Heroku

Fill in your app name and paste your public & private API keys from Simplify Commerce Dashboard as illustrated in the screenshot below Past API Keys in Heroku configuration

After you click on “Deploy for Free”, your PHP starter app should be deployed and running on Heroku cloud.

Click on the “View” button which will take you to the index page of your application that was just deployed. Heroku App Index Page

Navigate to the payment form page and run a test transaction like shown below. Heroku App Index Page

Log in to the Simplify Commerce dashboard and verify that the transaction was processed successfully. Heroku App Index Page

That’s it, we are all set! As you can see, we deployed a PHP starter server and tested an end-to-end integration with Simplify Commerce’s PHP SDK without writing a single line of code. This should give you a glimpse of how simple and easy it is to setup with Simplify Commerce and start using our SDKs and APIs.

This is the beginning. Feel free to clone or fork the starter project to work on your next cutting edge payment solution using Simplify Commerce platform.

Please feel free to reach us if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback.